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Será preciso que usted intervenga para evitar mayores consecuencias.
You'd better take a hand in this matter before something worse happens.
¿Desea la Comisión intervenir?
Does the Commission wish to take the floor?
Nuestra obligación es intervenir.
Our job is to intervene.
Por esto quiero intervenir.
That is why I want to contribute.
Por ello debemos intervenir.
That is why we must intervene.
Sencillamente, era necesario intervenir.
It was, quite simply, vital that action be taken.
«¿Qué institución debería intervenir?»
‘Which institution should take action?’
¿Alguien desea intervenir?
Does anybody wish to speak?
Gracias por permitirme intervenir.
Thank you for indulging me.
Quisiera intervenir brevemente.
I should like to say a few words.
¿Alguien desea intervenir a favor?
Who wishes to speak in favour?
¿Alguien quiere intervenir a favor?
Does anyone wish to speak in favour?
¿Alguien quiere intervenir a favor?
Does anybody wish to speak in favour?
¿Alguien quiere intervenir a favor?
Is there a speaker in favour?
¿Desea intervenir la Comisión?
Does the Commission wish to make a comment?
Aquí existe necesidad de intervenir.
Something needs to be done here.
Señora Frahm, ha solicitado intervenir.
Mrs Frahm, you asked to take the floor.
¿Desea la Comisión volver a intervenir?
Would the Commission like to say anything more?
Pero usted no me ha permitido intervenir.
However, you did not allow me to speak.
¿Alguien desea intervenir en contra?
Does anybody wish to speak against?
Quisiera intervenir sobre un punto.
I should like to raise one point.
¿Cómo piensa intervenir la Comisión?
What form will the Commission action take?
¿Alguien desea intervenir al respecto?
Does anyone wish to comment on them?
Tenía todo el derecho a intervenir.
He was perfectly entitled to speak.
Tienen cuatro minutos para intervenir.
You have a speaking time of four minutes.
¿Quién desea intervenir en contra?
Who wants to speak against?
Sin embargo, no basta con no intervenir.
However, non-intervention is not enough.
Los políticos tenemos que intervenir.
We politicians need to step in here.
No vemos la necesidad de intervenir".
We see no need to intervene'.
La ONU debería intervenir también.
Both we and the UN should take up this case.
¿Queremos intervenir de este modo?
Do we want to take that kind of action?
¿Alguien quiere intervenir en contra?
Are there any objections to this?
¿Tiene alguna intención de intervenir?
Is it tempted to try to influence it from within?
¿Alguien quiere intervenir en contra?
Does anyone wish to speak against?
El Parlamento Europeo debe intervenir.
The European Parliament must intervene.
¿Puede intervenir la Unión Europea?
Can the European Union intervene?
¿Quién desea intervenir en contra?
Is there anyone who wishes to speak against?
Señora Presidenta, voy a intervenir muy brevemente.
I shall take the floor very briefly, Madam President.
Señora Ludford, ¿desea intervenir sobre el Acta?
Mrs Ludford, are you sure your point of order is related to the Minutes?
Señorías, he recibido numerosas solicitudes para intervenir.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have received many requests to speak.
¿Quién desea intervenir para apoyar esta solicitud?
Who wishes to speak in support of this request?
Una colega desea intervenir en contra.
We have a speaker to oppose the motion.
Aquí debe intervenir el principio de subsidiariedad.
The principle of subsidiarity should come into play here.
Señora Presidenta, en realidad no querría intervenir.
Madam President, I did not really intend to speak.
¿Quiere intervenir de nuevo, señor Fischler?
Do you wish to speak again, Mr Fischler?
Por consiguiente, nuestro Parlamento no desea intervenir intempestivamente.
At the same time our Parliament does not want to intervene too hastily.
¿Piensa intervenir ante el Estado miembro interesado?
Does it propose to intervene with the Member State in question?
¿Quién desea intervenir a favor de esta propuesta?
Who wishes to speak in favour of this proposal?
Nosotros, en la UE, no podíamos intervenir.
We, the EU, could not act.
Quisiera intervenir en relación con dos puntos.
I would like to bring up two points.
¿Quiere usted de verdad intervenir ahora?
Do you really wish to speak now?

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