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Usted está disgustado.
You are upset.
A mi hermana le disgustaba que yo leyera las cartas de su novio.
My sister used to get very annoyed when I read her boyfriend's letters.
Está disgustado/emocionado/afectado
He's upset.
Me disgusta tener que despertarme temprano.
I don't like having to wake up early.
A Susana le disgustó mucho que le mintieras.
Susana was very upset that you lied to her.
Creo que no hay que disgustar a nadie.
That is no surprise to anyone, I think.
¡Para no disgustar, naturalmente, y por respeto al sacrosanto 'políticamente correcto?!
The reason for this was undoubtedly to avoid shocking anyone and to comply with the sacrosanct dictates of political correctness.
El deseo de no disgustar a los Estados Unidos les impidió hacerlo.
An unwillingness to upset the Americans prevented you from doing so.
El argumento más común contra la propuesta de enmienda es el miedo a disgustar a Rusia.
The most common argument against the proposal for amendment is fear of Russian displeasure.
Creemos que, demasiado a menudo, se ha elegido deliberadamente ceder terreno al Consejo para no disgustar a nadie.
We believe that, too often, it has deliberately chosen to give way to the Council, so as not to upset anyone.

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